Personal Care Services

We work to personalize your care and ensure that we cater to your needs. Our personal services assist the client with every day needs for essential health living. We meet with every client to review their needs and create a personalized care plan that enables them to age in the comfort of their own home.


Personal hygiene
Assist with shaving
Oral care


Grooming/brushing hair
Skin care

Perineal care

Change briefs
Assist with bed pan

Personal Care Services We Help Our Clients With

Assisting with grooming needs such as hair care, shaving, cleaning teeth and routine nail care.

Supervising or assisting with tub baths, showers, sponge baths, and bed baths.

Providing routine skin care such as applying lotion to dry skin.

Assisting with dressing and undressing.

Assisting with mobilization activities including turning, transferring, exercising, and walking.

Assisting with toilet and or bath needs.

Assisting with eating or feeding.

Assisting with self-administered medications by reminding client to take them at the prescribedtime(s) and/or following up to ensure they are taken.

Monitoring vital signs such as blood pressures, pulse and respiration.

Providing respite and palliative care.